Garden stakes

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Garden stakes

Add some character and organization to your garden by creating these custom garden stakes!

First, cut the stakes to desired length and shape with your Saw-Max™. Then, using your Dremel Multi-Max™, sand the edges to get a clean smooth appearance.

Next, finish your stakes as desired. We stained ours and applied a coat of varnish to seal and protect them.

Next, using the Dremel 200 cut sheet metal plaques with EZ409 EZ Lock™ 1-1/2" Thin Cut, Cut-off Wheels. Grind sharp edges smooth with the 932 Aluminum Oxide Grinding Stone and drill holes at each corner using the 631-01 Brad Point Drill Bit Set.

Finally, attach the plaques to your stakes using brads or small finish nails and etch your desired names with Dremel 200 and 113 Engraving Cutter.

  • Scrap Wood
  • 26 gauge galvanized sheet metal
  • Brads or Nails
  • Screwdriver
  • Varnish
  • Paintbrush